Mama’s Korean Restaurant

by brittany on March 28, 2011

Mama’s opened up shop in 2003 and was originally intended to target Korean students at IU.  However, since most other students on campus have not had much experience with a variety of ethnic foods, it became a great spot to try out some authentic Korean cooking.  Mama’s offers Korean style tabletop BBQ, where you can cook the food yourself on this awesome charcoal fire system, or you can sit at a regular table where they cook your food for you.  Whether you’re in the mood to play with your food or simply eat a hearty meal, Mama’s is the place to try something new on the menu.  In order to sit at the BBQ do-it-yourself tables, you must order at least 2 entrée dinners.

Trust me, you’re going to want a lot of food to play with and cook with.  Tonight, started out with an appetizer of Steamed Wantons, which had beer, onion, scallion, Chinese cabbage, and beat sprouts wrapped in egg roll skin.  Then for entrees I ordered the Kahl Bee, short ribs tenderized and marinated in the special house sauce for ten hours before broiled, and the Boolgogee, thin tender beer marinated in special Korean sauce served broiled.  Mama’s is great because it allows you to have fun while you cook your meals in front of you on this massive charcoal grill.  It’s easy too, you just let the meat cook a few minutes on each side, you can leave in on longer if you like some pieces extra crispy.  For the short ribs, you put the bones on the outside of the grill circle because they take longer to cook, pretty much like slow roasting them!  The center of the grill is the hottest part so meat placed there cooks the fastest.  Each dish is served with a vast amount of side dishes such as Korean pasta salad, seaweed salad, kimchi, fish cakes, tofu, Korean coleslaw with wasabi, and more.  This is definitely a delicious place to go with family or friends for a fun dinner experience.

Address: 2630 E. 10th Street
Phone: (812) 333-8071

Cost Friendly: You will spend $10-$15 and leave very satisfied!

Restaurant Rating:


Bloomington Sandwich Company

by BtownMenus on March 13, 2011

You want the best turkey club or reuben in Bloomington?  Go to Bloomington Sandwich Company and I can assure you that you will get your fix.  They have switched locations a couple times, but now are located right by kirkwood on north college avenue.  The owner, Mike is one of the friendliest guys, and hardest workers that I have ever met.  Hailing from Chicago, his menu consists of numerous mouth watering sandwiches such as the Bloomington Sandwich Club, which comes with…drum roll please… Honey ham, smoked turkey, salami and pepperoni stacked high with swiss and mozzarella topped with lettuce, onion, and tomato, served on a sub bun.  ( I highly recommend asking for it pressed on the grill).  Their Classic Reuben and Italian Beef are amazing, and their Chicago Dog makes you think that you are at Wrigley Field watching a Cubs game.

I am not even from the Chicago area, but Bloomington Sandwich makes me want to go to the Windy City a lot more often!  If you have a sweet tooth, Mike gives out complimentary small italian ices to many customers.  Just ask, and you shall receive.  He is as hands on as you can get owning a restaurant.  Normally I order Bloomington Sandwich Company on for delivery or takeout.  Being only a 2-3 minute walk from my apartment, takeout is usually the way to go.  I am sucker for their turkey club, and Mike’s friendly nature is contagious and leaves you feeling in a great mood!


107 North College Avenue

(812) 330-9611

Cost Friendly: You will spend at most $10 on a sandwich chips and a drink!

Restaurant Rating:


Truffles Restaurant

by BtownMenus on March 7, 2011

Since I arrived in Bloomington in the fall of 2004, Truffles Restaurant has been my favorite upscale dining spot.  Whether my parents were in town, I wanted to do a nice dinner with my buddies, or take a girl on a date, this was always a sure thing.  They’ve got a nice upscale atmosphere, and a menu that is high in price, but even higher in quality.  Great fish dishes, strip steak, rib eye, and some phenomenal appetizers such as the Duck Confit and Water Chestnut Croquettes which comes with Gingered-Orange Hoisin Glaze, Asian Slaw, and Toasted Sesame Seeds.  My favorite appetizer is definitely the Pine Nuts Crusted Goat Cheese with Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Basil Oil, and Toasted Ciabatta Bread.

What really got me excited is when I found out that Truffles wanted to start delivering on!  Not only do they deliver food, but beer and liquor as well!  It just so happened that we were running an eat cheap week last week, and they offered 2 Kobe beef burgers that are normally $36 for a total of $22.  I took advantage of this special twice throughout the last seven days, and lets just say it was incredible!   Truffles is definitely the most expensive restaurant throughout Bloomington, but you have to pay for quality, and being from the Metropolitan area, this place makes me feel right at home with how exceptional every single one of their dishes are!  Great place for dining in, but as I mentioned…you can also order from Truffles on for delivery!  Make sure to be 21 and have 2 IDs ready if you are ordering beer and/or liquor!


1131 South College Mall Road

(812) 330-1111

Cost Friendly: You will be spending at least $20 but its worth every penny!

Restaurant Rating:



by BtownMenus on March 3, 2011

I live literally right across the street from Japanee, so you would figure I go in all the time.  Being in this town for over six years now, Japanee used to be on my rotation of restaurants I would dine in at least once a week.  That took a toll on my wallet, but the biggest problem was that their former owners were not good people.  That led to bad service, and eventually the sushi wasn’t even fresh on the day to day.  I decided to take a hiatus from Japanee up until this year.  I was a little skeptical about going back in, after years of dealing with problems.

What wonders new management can do for a place!  The atmosphere was completely different from the second I walked in the door.  Relaxing music playing, tons of flat screens with different games on, and most importantly, a smiling hostess to greet us at the door.  There is a giant scale that you can step on to see how much you weigh.  Its always fun to hop on that before you stuff your face with sushi and then see yourself gain five pounds after your meal!

I went into Japanee on a Saturday night with a group of friends, and we decided to go the whole nine yards with sake bombing and tons of platters of sushi.  You can’t go wrong with hot sake on a cold February night.  This warmed us up for some sushi, as we were all starving!  My go to whenever I am at a Japanese restaurant and want sushi, is to allow the Chef to choose his favorites and surprise me!  I am not picky when it comes to raw fish, as I will literally try everything!  Therefore I asked for a platter of the chef’s recommendation.  That was definitely the right call and I have to say that every roll I had was phenomenal!   Eel Roll, Salmon Roll, Tuna Roll, Dragon Roll, I even had one called the Awesome Roll, and it was… AWESOME!  Japanee really changed its way in a positive light, and although it’s a bit pricy (as sushi always is) the quality made it well worth the price!  I will be walking across the street now a lot more often to get my Sushi kick!  Go to Japanee and have a blast with your friends as you sake bomb and eat away!


(812) 334-3474

320 North Walnut Street

Cost Friendly: You will be spending at least $20 but its well worth it!

Restaurant Rating:



by BtownMenus on February 27, 2011

My friend and I were driving around yesterday by the college mall area and it just so happened that I had to stop into Quiznos and speak with their new owners about getting back on  After a great conversation with the very friendly co-owners, they offered us free sandwiches of our choice!  I was starving at that point so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Quiznos will also be back on starting tomorrow on online ordering for delivery and takeout.  After looking over the menu, I decided to go with the Turkey Ranch and Swiss on 9 grain artisan wheat bread.  Turkey, Swiss, Lettuce, and ranch dressing followed by a thirty second run through a conveyer belt which toasts the sub to perfection.  I wonder if the employee behind the counter saw that I was salivating, because he immediately said that I looked extremely hungry!   You can never go wrong with a free meal, but overall I am huge fan of Quiznos subs.  They give you a ton of meat on the sandwiches, and I have always been a big proponent of the toasted sandwich, as I love when my teeth chomp into the hot bread and melted cheese.  Although Quiznos isn’t on campus, as I mentioned earlier they deliver on and have some great deals!  Look out for their EAT CHEAP WEEK specials starting tomorrow, and if you are a feeling a sub that will leave you 100% satisfied then its time for you to try Quiznos!


115 South State Road 46 Ste H

(812) 334-3495

Cost Friendly: You will be stuffed for under $10 everytime, and that includes chips and a drink with your sub!

Restaurant Rating:



by BtownMenus on February 24, 2011

You want the best Hibachi around Bloomington?  Asuka has the best in town, along with great sushi and sake bombing.  A great spot for birthdays, dates, family dinners, it’s hard to go wrong with this Japanese hot spot.  No joke, probably the best fried rice I have had in a long time, I usually order double portions even though I leave the place having to loosen the belt a couple notches.  The chefs are all experienced and whip up your food in no time.  I am always hungry, and what I love about Hibachi is that you order and the food is ready within minutes no matter what you decide on!  The service is friendly and the atmosphere is lively with a bunch of ooohs and ahhhs from the shows that chefs put on with the fire.  I usually go with steak and shrimp or steak and chicken hibachi, and randomly I will get a couple sushi rolls.  Next time you are planning on eating out, try out Asuka.  You can view their menu online on!


318 South College Mall Road

(812) 333-8325

Cost Friendly: You are paying for quality here… expect to spend at least $20

Restaurant Rating: 


Nick’s English Hut

by BtownMenus on February 22, 2011

A couple of my friends had some buddies visiting from Maryland.  The IU vs Northwestern basketball game was about an hour from tip off, and we were going back and forth between going to Assembly Hall and scalping tickets or just going to a bar to watch it.  I figured we might as well show these guys the best of Bloomington.  As awesome as IU basketball is, this isn’t the year to instill positive memories when you have friends visiting.  We were all starving and felt like a couple beers, and thought that Nick’s English Hut would be a cool spot to show the guys.

I was a bit skeptical as we walked toward Kirkwood, worried that Nick’s would be insanely packed for the game.  We must have caught them at the perfect time, because the 8 of us were seated immediately.  Established way back in 1927, Nick’s English Hut is renown for their drinking game “sink the biz”.  There are only four things that you need to play sink the biz.  At least 2 people, a glass cup, a large metal pail, and a ton of beer.  Start out by filling the pail with a fair amount of beer then place the glass cup inside and let it float. Starting with one person, one by one, each player tries to add as much beer possible in order to screw the next person over. If you sink the biz, you down the full cup. If you don’t, you simply get the gratitude of screwing someone else over.  Whoever sinks the biz must start out on the next round by filling the new glass as much as wanted. If you sink a glass of biz on the first try directly after drinking the previous glass, you then have to down two full glasses immediately.
You give a little and drink a lot and the game goes on as long as two people are present.  We played a few games of sink the biz as we waited for our food.

I knew that Nick’s had a great reputation for sink the biz and a great place to watch IU basketball.  However, not in a million years did I realize that they hands down have the best pizza I have had thus far in my six plus years in Bloomington!  We ordered 2 large pizzas as appetizers for the 8 of us.  (We were starving).  One of the pizzas had sweet peppers, and sausage, and the other had tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.  They both were out of this world, and I will definitely be returning soon for another pizza.

For some reason, we all also ordered entrees.  The beer and pizza filled me up, but I don’t like to leave food on the table.  I ordered a lamb burger and fries, and it was great, I just wish I had the appetite to thoroughly enjoy it.  Although IU lost the game, the service was great, atmosphere can’t be beat, and the food and sink the biz topped off a great day!  We definitely made the right decision in going to Nick’s English Hut, and next time I have a friend in town visiting, Nick’s will be our first stop!


423 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 332-4040

Cost Friendly: We each spent around $20-$25, but it was well worth it.  We also ate alot and played a few games of Sink the Biz.  You can easily get away with spending only $10-$15

Restaurant Rating:


Bar Rating: (Atmosphere, Drink Specials)


Pita Pit

by BtownMenus on February 19, 2011

Spring break is less than a month away, so  everyone is going to start hitting the gym and being careful about what they eat.  The best way to “watch your figure” is by sticking with Pita Pit, which by far the healthiest option for delivery, or takeout on  You can of course dine in there as well!   Meat Pitas, Breakfast Pitas, Vegetarian Pitas, Quesa Pitas, think of anything that you want in a pita, and Pita Pit will make it for you.  They also have fresh fruit, soups and cookies, which add some nice compliments to the menu.

I am the type of person who can eat breakfast for any meal of the day.  My buddies and I always joke around that we should open up a restaurant called “Brinner”(Breakfast/Dinner…get it?)  haha but in all seriousness the Steak and Eggs Pita is usually my go to.  Lean Philly Meat, Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, grilled with your choice of green peppers, onions, and/or mushrooms.  I usually add some ketchup and a drop of hot sauce to add a little kick to it.  The chicken classic is also solid, which is the same exact pita as the Steak and Eggs, except minus the steak and adding the chicken.  For those of you that are really picky eaters, they even have ONSEY Pitas, which has One meat, one cheese, and one sauce.    What I really love about Pita Pit is the quality of their food, that it is healthy, and best of all, you will never spend over $10 eating there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  That is, unless you are paying for more than one person!  The countdown until beach weather begins… let Pita Pit help!  You can also order Pita Pit online on for delivery and/or takeout!


530 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 355-3500

Cost Friendly: At most a meal will run you $10!

Restaurant Rating:


Dish of the day: Kilroys Sports Bar $2 Chicken Quesadillas

by BtownMenus on February 17, 2011

I was starving and not in the mood to drop much dough, and lucky for me it was $2 Quesadilla night at Kilroys Sports!  Go have a couple beers, and filled up on cheese or chicken quesadillas.  I spent a total of $6 after tip, the food was great, and Kilroys Sports has arguably the best bar atmosphere in Bloomington!

Cost Friendly: Look for quarters underneath the couch cushions, and you will have enough money to eat at Kilroys Sports on tuesdays, its dirt cheap!  Eat for $5 or less!

Dish Rating


Dish of the day: Which Wich Shrimp Po Boy

by BtownMenus on February 14, 2011

I’ve been to New Orleans, and I have to say that the Shrimp Po Boy that I had at Which wich yesterday has left my mouth watering ever since.  I decided to seek advice from one of the employees on what toppings to put on my Wich.  Lettuce, pesto, and provolone cheese is what the guy behind the counter recommended.  Great call on his part, as it was the perfect combination and left me counting down the days until I head back!  Hopefully Which Wich will be up for delivery and takeout on BTOWNMENUS.COM soon!  For now though, make sure to give Which wich a shot the next time you are on kirkwood.

Cost Friendly: You will be stuffed for under $10 everytime!

Dish Rating: