Shin’s Family Restaurant

by BtownMenus on August 27, 2011

I had passed this place dozens of times throughout the last year without giving it much thought.  One day I saw a sign in the front saying “Shin’s now delivering!”  We had never had a Korean restaurant on for delivery and takeout on online ordering so I figured I would go in there and try to sign them up.  Not only did I get them on, but I also got hooked to their food!  A good friend of mine growing up  was actually born in Korea, and he had always spoken very highly of Korean food.  Back then I was a picky eater and pizza, pasta and burgers were enough to satisfy my palette.

As the years went on and I began to venture out and try new cuisines, I began to realize that Asian is my favorite type of food.  Whether its chinese, japanese, thai, and now I can add Korean to that mix!  Great dumplings, amazing spicy chicken, everything at Shin’s is cheap, and homemade.  They will be a great addition this year to the Btownmenus team and I highly recommend you either go into Shins to eat, or give them a shot for delivery or takeout on!


Shin’s Family Restaurant

1402 North Walnut Street

(812) 330-7293

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $7-$20

Restaurant Rating


Basil Leaf Bistro

by BtownMenus on August 9, 2011

I don’t know why it took me so long to try this hidden treasure!  We recently signed them for online ordering on and my friends and I were feeling adventurous the other night.  We didn’t go skydiving or anything, but we did decide to try out a restaurant that we never had before.  Vietnamese and vegetarian is the best way to describe Basil Leaf Bistro’s cuisine.  Although not too familiar with Vietnamese food, and being a meat eater my entire life, why not change things up for a night!  What really stuck out to me, especially considering it was delivery, was how fresh the food was.  I decided to start with the Spring Rolls

and go with the Basil Leaf Tofu for my main dish.  The tofu was  prepared w/ onion, green bean, bell pepper, carrot and sweet basil. Served w/ Jasmine rice.  The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the tofu was a perfect texture.  

I wish I had tried Basil Leaf out earlier, but I am glad I stumbled upon it when I did.  Trying new things always leads to something positive!  Go check out Basil Leaf for yourself and choose from a great selection of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, and noodle dishes!  This place is five star all the way…


404 East 4th Street

(812) 330-8978

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $10-$20

Restaurant Rating


nice Sunday dinner…Alaskan Salmon

by BtownMenus on July 24, 2011

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

by BtownMenus on June 5, 2011

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant is my favorite chinese spot in Bloomington.  Dining in there is always a great time.  My buddy and I decided to head in late night right around closing.  We ended up having a great time with the owner and his family.  After a couple bottles of saki, some homemade dumplings, and eggrolls later I felt great as we left the establishment.  They are well known for their buffet with a wide variety of chinese options.  They also have a grocery store, and serve Korean food as well.  I have never had a bad experience when dining at Great Wall.  Their dumplings are amazing and addictive, and their eggrolls have the perfect combination of ingredients and crunch.  A bar opens up late night, and its a great place to go with friends to have a great time!  The name speaks for itself, go check out Great Wall Chinese Restaurant!  You can also order from Great Wall for delivery and/or takeout on!


2038 North Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47404-2430

(812) 323-8778

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $7-$20

Restaurant Rating


T.G.I. Friday’s

by BtownMenus on May 23, 2011

The name itself puts you in a weekend mentality, and their menu, prices, and atmosphere makes Friday’s a perfect combination.  They are now available for delivery online on  The other night I was starving and I was in the middle of getting some work done so I decided to order in some delivery.  I went with the turkey burger and a side of sweet potato fries, and the pan seared potstickers.

Both were home runs, and I was shocked how fresh, and hot the food was, considering it was delivered.  Friday’s is also a great place to go with friends and/or family for a solid quality and reasonably priced meal.  Whether you want a salad, a sandwich, a wrap, ribs, or a steak, Friday’s is the place for you.

T.G.I. Friday’s

2846 East 3rd Street

(812) 331-1382

Bloomington, IN

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $7-$20

Restaurant Rating:


Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse

by BtownMenus on May 15, 2011

Living in downtown Bloomington for so many years, the Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse has been a staple in my restaurant rotation for as long as I can remember.  If you are looking for dinner, this is not your place, its strictly for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and coffee/tea.  A great meeting spot, fast and reliable service, and the aroma within the place always makes you want to stay.  All of their breads are baked fresh on a daily basis, and in my opinion Bakehouse has the best quality bread around town.  Great deli type sandwiches on any type of bread you would like.  If you are in the mood for breakfast, don’t shy away from their Challah french toast, or their egg sandwiches, as they are both delicious.  Some of the menu items are a bit pricey, but the quality makes it worth spending an extra dollar or two.  I highly recommend their egg sandwiches, and their grilled ham and swiss with spicy mustard is a home run!  View their menu at!

Scholars Inn Bakehouse

(812) 331-6029

125 North College Avenue

3002 East 3rd Street

573 West Simson Chapel Road

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $5-$15, a

Restaurant Rating: 


the food is homemade, and fantastic!

Kirkwood Cafe

by BtownMenus on May 6, 2011

In my seven years in Bloomington, I had never heard of Kirkwood Cafe, and that is because they just opened a couple months ago.  I wish this place has been open for my entire time in Btown.  My buddies and I were famished around sunday at noon.  A warm sunny day led to us all wanting to find a place outside to eat that had great breakfast.  We were in luck when my friend Jeff remembered this place he had passed on his way back from the movie theater on West Third Street a couple weeks ago.  Time was on our side as we arrived fifteen minutes before the breakfast/brunch buffet was over.  The food was very good, and for being a buffet the quality matched the quantity.  This is usually hard to say for many buffets, and even though it was almost close at Kirkwood Cafe, they were willing to make more fresh food for the buffet if we all were still hungry.  The service was friendly, and sitting outside on a deck with the sun beating down on us while we all enjoyed a nice meal before the end of the year made the entire experience a memorable one.  Not to mention, who doesn’t love stuffing their plate with unlimited french toast, eggs, sausage, biscuits, and quiches along with any beverage we wanted for $12.95.

Kirkwood Cafe

620 West Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 335-3545

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $10-$15

Restaurant Rating


Michael’s Uptown Cafe

by BtownMenus on April 26, 2011

Probably the most underrated, and most hidden restaurant in all of Bloomington, Michael’s Uptown Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, their high quality dishes never disappoint.

Great eggs and omelette options for breakfast, and they have some unique cottage cheese pancakes that I’ve had a few times.  Solid burgers, and club sandwiches, but they are well known for their steaks.  Filet Mignon, and Strip Steak are my go to’s, and the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes are great sides.

Michael’s Uptown Cafe isn’t cheap by any means, you are going to have to empty your wallet a bit.  Every menu item is well worth the money and the atmosphere is very welcoming, and the service is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the menu.  Go with friends, on a date, or with your parents when they are in town, there is something for everybody!


102 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 339-0900

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $15-$25

Restaurant Rating:



by BtownMenus on April 15, 2011

DeAngelos is one of the best places in town to have a quick, yet classy, sit down Italian meal. Tonight, my friend and I sat down to a nice meal during Little 5 as our waiter made us a plate of oil, vinegar, roasted garlic, and some cheese and pepper to dip our bread in.  

It was a delicious start to our quaint meal.  My friend ordered the house specialty, Shrimp and Crawfish Diavolo, with gulf shrimp and Louisiana crawfish sautéed with a sauce of Asiago cream and
a touch of fresh tomato tossed with linguine and a little spice.  I had the Spaghetti and Meatballs, a classic, with tomato basil sauce and meatballs garnished with spicy Asiago. They have many other pasta dishes including Ravioli, Lasagna, and Chicken and Artichoke pasta.  They also have some great Calzone selections and you can even create your own. The prices are great, extremely reasonable, and you get a good amount of food for what you’re paying for.  I always have leftovers when I go!  They also have a lot of great deals during the week.  Monday is buy one pizza, get another of equal or lesser value for free, Tuesday is Family Night, Wednesday is ½ priced wines, and Thursday is $8.00 entrée night.  DeAngelosprovides a quiet atmosphere with great food for a simple yet tasty Italian meal.


2620 East 3rd Street

Bloomington, IN

(812) 961-0008

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $10-$20

Restaurant Rating:


Domo Steak and Sushi Restaurant

by brittany on April 4, 2011

“It hurts so good.”

That’s what you’ll be saying after this meal.  Domo is a great place
for birthday parties, family visits, or just a delicious decadent meal
with friends.  Tonight, my friends and I headed over there for some
hibachi, and we were sure to make a reservation as it gets busy after
7:00pm.  Main entrees include choices from chicken, shrimp, salmon,
steak, lobster, and also many combination dinners.  Each meal comes
with soup and a house salad with ginger dressing, rice (fried rice is
an additional $2.00 extra), noodles, and vegetables.  The hibachi
chefs cook the food right in front of you, so it really is a true
entertainment dining experience.  Our chef tried to pull a few jokes
on us by squirting a ketchup bottle on my friend and a string popped
out, and he also tossed an onion onto my plate.  He made a flaming
onion tower by lining up the rings of an onion, pouring alcohol
inside, and lighting it on fire.

He used pepper to get some sparks
out of the fire too!  You also get two sauces for your meats to be
dipped in.  One is a spicy mustard sauce and the other is called
YumYum sauce.  Not sure what’s in it, or that I even want to know, but
it’s yummy!  Overall, it was a great dinner and it left us all
completely filled to the brim.

106 S Franklin Rd

Bloomington, IN 47404

(812) 332-7700

Cost Friendly: You will spend $15-$25, but its worth every penny!

Restaurant Rating: