by BtownMenus on November 15, 2012

Crab wontons, garlic chicken and rice at Alchemy.


The night seemed a lot later, but it was only starting to hit 7:00 p.m. The darkness fell sooner than it had fallen before; it was the Monday after Daylight Savings Time.

My stomach growled during the day and I anticipated going out to dinner later. Half of the anticipation stemmed from being able to go out to dinner with my friend. It was a friend I haven’t seen in too long of a time and we really needed to catch up with one another. I picked her up and we went downtown to eat. She’s similar to me in that she also likes to try new places she hasn’t eaten at yet, whether it’s full of Bloomington tradition or it’s a newly-established restaurant.

The entrance to Alchemy.

Table setting.

We opened the doors of the building on the southeast corner of North Walnut and Seventh streets, and walked into Alchemy. It’s a newer Chinese restaurant, and we hadn’t heard many reviews of it because people barely know it exists. The lights were dim; the bar and dining room tables were empty. We questioned whether they were open for the night’s business. The tables were dressed and a waiter seated us. With linens on our table and on our laps, we ordered and got to talking. On occasion, customers meandered in and out of the restaurant with takeout orders.

Seventh Street side of Alchemy.

I asked our waiter, “Is it always this empty in here?” He explained how it’s not empty on weekends, but sometimes during the week it is. He mentioned that during the week the dining room gets randomly busy, but the fax machine never stops for takeout. had a special deal for Alchemy during that week: “Buy One Get One Free Entrees.” That particular week was part of BtownMenu’s Eat Cheap Week, a week (or sometimes two) when restaurants offer featured specials with discounted prices for delivery or takeout. Another great deal that Alchemy has on BtownMenus right now is $3 off any entree, so ordering from Alchemy on is well worth it.

Our meals arrived at our table and we had plates of crab wontons, sesame chicken and garlic chicken. We split the entrees and enjoyed everything, and still had leftovers. By 8:00 p.m., a couple groups of people trickled in for dinner. Finally, the waiter was busier as we prepared to end our evening.



254 North Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47404

(812) 333-5656

Cost Friendly: $10-20 per person

Restaurant Rating:


-Haley Brown

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