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It was a rainy day today so I decided to stay in my apartment and order delivery. After looking at all the restaurant choices on BtownMenus, I decided on the Burmese, Asian-fusion restaurant, Mandalay. I had just sampled their food for the first time at the “Flavors of Fourth Street” festival the weekend before and wanted to try it again.

Clear rolls with chicken and vegetables.

I often order spring rolls at restaurants but this time I chose Mandalay’s clear rolls with chicken and vegetables that came in an order of six. The tapioca paper it’s wrapped in isn’t fried and instead has a leaf of lettuce wrapped under it with chicken and vegetables like cabbage and carrots tucked inside. It’s good on its own, has a lot of flavors and textures, but the sweet chili sauce on the side makes a great pairing with it.

Coconut rice with chicken curry.

I also had their specialty, coconut rice with chicken curry. They come separate when it’s delivered so I mixed them together. I tried the rice beforehand and it was sweeter than what I was used to because of the coconut, but I liked it. The spices and rice kept the dish feeling warm and hearty and after eating four clear rolls, it only took half of a bowl to fill me up. The meal ended sweetly with dulce de leche and butterscotch Dum Dums® lollipops that came in the delivery bag, and I’m saving the rest of my dinner for tomorrow’s lunch.

Next time I eat at Mandalay, I’d like to try their pho noodle soup or teriyaki chicken.



413 E. 4th Street

Bloomington, IN 47408

(812) 339-7334

Cost Friendly: $10-15 per person

Restaurant Rating:



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