by BtownMenus on September 18, 2012

Cream and Crimson burger

Last week was Eat Cheap Week where a lot of restaurants offered great deals through BtownMenus so you can indulge in a lot of food, for cheap. On Friday, I chose to order from CHOMP, which I haven’t tried before. I had my friend come over that night and we were starved, so we completely scarfed down the food quickly but it was delicious.

CHOMP offered 2 burgers or chicken sandwiches, 2 drinks and an appetizer for about $15. What is great about CHOMP is that they use local farms for their meat, with their beef and pork coming from Fischer Farms and their poultry from Miller Farms. From that, they’ve crafted a menu with a wide variety of options. And if you’re getting together with friends, you could get other good carryout or delivery deals from BtownMenus like 4 burgers or chicken sandwiches for $24.

The Whole Farm Burger

What I ordered from CHOMP was The Whole Farm burger complete with a fried egg, cheddar cheese and bacon and topped with a pretzel roll bun. My friend ordered the Cream and Crimson burger which includes garlic, parmesan, sautéed red pepper, chipotle mayonnaise and mozzarella underneath a hamburger bun. We split an order of hand-dipped fried pickles and each had Pepsis. With the burgers and sandwiches you can order different kinds of rolls or buns, and add on toppings as well. Even the fries have a variety of seasonings.

Fried Pickles with ranch

I thought CHOMP was a good mix of using their menu specialties and customizing your meal to your taste; the choices weren’t overwhelming.


208 South Dunn Street

Bloomington, IN 47408

(812) 337-FOOD

Cost Friendly: $6-15 per person

Restaurant Rating:


-Haley Brown☆


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