by BtownMenus on October 24, 2011

If you’re looking to share freshly baked cookies with friends, BAKED is your kind of place!  A wise man once told me “you will always be welcome if you bring cookies,” okay yeah…no wise man has ever said that to me but it’s still true! This week I stocked up on Baked cookies for a meeting of about 30 people and they were very well received! We had an assortment of Chocolate Chip, M&M, and Double Chocolate Chip.  They all looked really great so I had to try one of each!  My favorite was the good old Chocolate Chip!  I heard rumors of a pumpkin cookie while I was in, I’m pumped to go back and try it!  Baked is open ridiculously convenient hours and delivers all of your late night cookie needs!


313 E. 3rd Street 


Cost Friendly: Very cost friendly…get stuffed for under $5 everytime!

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