Fourth Street International Market

by BtownMenus on September 29, 2011

I was strolling down fourth street to scout out the best place for dinner. I knew I wanted something ethnic, but I wasn’t certain where that would take me! I saw a few people eating outside on the patio of the Fourth Street International Market. It looked inviting and I went in to check it out! At first the market looks like just a small grocery store, but to my surprise it is also a restaurant. Little did I know, they have some of the best gyros in town! I ordered the spicy Lamb and Beef Gyro. The gyro consisted of a sandwich like meal, made with slices of spiced meat cooked on a spit and served with salad in pita bread. I washed down the gyro with a limonata sanpellegrino and ordered some Lays potato chip on the side. All together my dinner was under six dollars! I find this incredibly reasonable; I don’t know many places where you can find a fresh, fulfilling meal at that price.

The fact that this venue is also a grocery store allows for a large assortment of drinks, snacks and dessert options. Also, I heard they have amazing falafels and are one of the only places in town that carry coca cola in a glass bottle! I am absolutely coming back for round two and going to try their falafels. For an unusual assortment, at an affordable price think Forth Street International Market for your next fresh!  You can order Fourth Street International Market for delivery and/or takeout on, they have some amazing deals on there


Fourth Street International Market

408 East 4th Street

Bloomington, IN 47408-4000

(812) 333-1396


Cost Friendly: You can get filled up for $5-$6!

Restaurant Rating



Written by Emily Colman

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