Shin’s Family Restaurant

by BtownMenus on August 27, 2011

I had passed this place dozens of times throughout the last year without giving it much thought.  One day I saw a sign in the front saying “Shin’s now delivering!”  We had never had a Korean restaurant on for delivery and takeout on online ordering so I figured I would go in there and try to sign them up.  Not only did I get them on, but I also got hooked to their food!  A good friend of mine growing up  was actually born in Korea, and he had always spoken very highly of Korean food.  Back then I was a picky eater and pizza, pasta and burgers were enough to satisfy my palette.

As the years went on and I began to venture out and try new cuisines, I began to realize that Asian is my favorite type of food.  Whether its chinese, japanese, thai, and now I can add Korean to that mix!  Great dumplings, amazing spicy chicken, everything at Shin’s is cheap, and homemade.  They will be a great addition this year to the Btownmenus team and I highly recommend you either go into Shins to eat, or give them a shot for delivery or takeout on!


Shin’s Family Restaurant

1402 North Walnut Street

(812) 330-7293

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $7-$20

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