Basil Leaf Bistro

by BtownMenus on August 9, 2011

I don’t know why it took me so long to try this hidden treasure!  We recently signed them for online ordering on and my friends and I were feeling adventurous the other night.  We didn’t go skydiving or anything, but we did decide to try out a restaurant that we never had before.  Vietnamese and vegetarian is the best way to describe Basil Leaf Bistro’s cuisine.  Although not too familiar with Vietnamese food, and being a meat eater my entire life, why not change things up for a night!  What really stuck out to me, especially considering it was delivery, was how fresh the food was.  I decided to start with the Spring Rolls

and go with the Basil Leaf Tofu for my main dish.  The tofu was  prepared w/ onion, green bean, bell pepper, carrot and sweet basil. Served w/ Jasmine rice.  The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the tofu was a perfect texture.  

I wish I had tried Basil Leaf out earlier, but I am glad I stumbled upon it when I did.  Trying new things always leads to something positive!  Go check out Basil Leaf for yourself and choose from a great selection of chicken, pork, beef, tofu, and noodle dishes!  This place is five star all the way…


404 East 4th Street

(812) 330-8978

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $10-$20

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