Mama’s Korean Restaurant

by brittany on March 28, 2011

Mama’s opened up shop in 2003 and was originally intended to target Korean students at IU.  However, since most other students on campus have not had much experience with a variety of ethnic foods, it became a great spot to try out some authentic Korean cooking.  Mama’s offers Korean style tabletop BBQ, where you can cook the food yourself on this awesome charcoal fire system, or you can sit at a regular table where they cook your food for you.  Whether you’re in the mood to play with your food or simply eat a hearty meal, Mama’s is the place to try something new on the menu.  In order to sit at the BBQ do-it-yourself tables, you must order at least 2 entrée dinners.

Trust me, you’re going to want a lot of food to play with and cook with.  Tonight, started out with an appetizer of Steamed Wantons, which had beer, onion, scallion, Chinese cabbage, and beat sprouts wrapped in egg roll skin.  Then for entrees I ordered the Kahl Bee, short ribs tenderized and marinated in the special house sauce for ten hours before broiled, and the Boolgogee, thin tender beer marinated in special Korean sauce served broiled.  Mama’s is great because it allows you to have fun while you cook your meals in front of you on this massive charcoal grill.  It’s easy too, you just let the meat cook a few minutes on each side, you can leave in on longer if you like some pieces extra crispy.  For the short ribs, you put the bones on the outside of the grill circle because they take longer to cook, pretty much like slow roasting them!  The center of the grill is the hottest part so meat placed there cooks the fastest.  Each dish is served with a vast amount of side dishes such as Korean pasta salad, seaweed salad, kimchi, fish cakes, tofu, Korean coleslaw with wasabi, and more.  This is definitely a delicious place to go with family or friends for a fun dinner experience.

Address: 2630 E. 10th Street
Phone: (812) 333-8071

Cost Friendly: You will spend $10-$15 and leave very satisfied!

Restaurant Rating:


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