by BtownMenus on March 3, 2011

I live literally right across the street from Japanee, so you would figure I go in all the time.  Being in this town for over six years now, Japanee used to be on my rotation of restaurants I would dine in at least once a week.  That took a toll on my wallet, but the biggest problem was that their former owners were not good people.  That led to bad service, and eventually the sushi wasn’t even fresh on the day to day.  I decided to take a hiatus from Japanee up until this year.  I was a little skeptical about going back in, after years of dealing with problems.

What wonders new management can do for a place!  The atmosphere was completely different from the second I walked in the door.  Relaxing music playing, tons of flat screens with different games on, and most importantly, a smiling hostess to greet us at the door.  There is a giant scale that you can step on to see how much you weigh.  Its always fun to hop on that before you stuff your face with sushi and then see yourself gain five pounds after your meal!

I went into Japanee on a Saturday night with a group of friends, and we decided to go the whole nine yards with sake bombing and tons of platters of sushi.  You can’t go wrong with hot sake on a cold February night.  This warmed us up for some sushi, as we were all starving!  My go to whenever I am at a Japanese restaurant and want sushi, is to allow the Chef to choose his favorites and surprise me!  I am not picky when it comes to raw fish, as I will literally try everything!  Therefore I asked for a platter of the chef’s recommendation.  That was definitely the right call and I have to say that every roll I had was phenomenal!   Eel Roll, Salmon Roll, Tuna Roll, Dragon Roll, I even had one called the Awesome Roll, and it was… AWESOME!  Japanee really changed its way in a positive light, and although it’s a bit pricy (as sushi always is) the quality made it well worth the price!  I will be walking across the street now a lot more often to get my Sushi kick!  Go to Japanee and have a blast with your friends as you sake bomb and eat away!


(812) 334-3474

320 North Walnut Street

Cost Friendly: You will be spending at least $20 but its well worth it!

Restaurant Rating:



That looks marvelous!!!

by Sharty Daniels on March 4, 2011 at 1:14 am. #

Sadly, they our closed. I work nearby and was very surprised after I went one day to get an order of Crazy Rolls. Bummer, it was a great inexpensive quick lunch location!

by Michelle on June 7, 2011 at 12:07 pm. #

They are closed for renovations, will be reopening soon!

by Mike on August 9, 2011 at 3:14 am. #

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