Pita Pit

by BtownMenus on February 19, 2011

Spring break is less than a month away, so  everyone is going to start hitting the gym and being careful about what they eat.  The best way to “watch your figure” is by sticking with Pita Pit, which by far the healthiest option for delivery, or takeout on Btownmenus.com.  You can of course dine in there as well!   Meat Pitas, Breakfast Pitas, Vegetarian Pitas, Quesa Pitas, think of anything that you want in a pita, and Pita Pit will make it for you.  They also have fresh fruit, soups and cookies, which add some nice compliments to the menu.

I am the type of person who can eat breakfast for any meal of the day.  My buddies and I always joke around that we should open up a restaurant called “Brinner”(Breakfast/Dinner…get it?)  haha but in all seriousness the Steak and Eggs Pita is usually my go to.  Lean Philly Meat, Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, grilled with your choice of green peppers, onions, and/or mushrooms.  I usually add some ketchup and a drop of hot sauce to add a little kick to it.  The chicken classic is also solid, which is the same exact pita as the Steak and Eggs, except minus the steak and adding the chicken.  For those of you that are really picky eaters, they even have ONSEY Pitas, which has One meat, one cheese, and one sauce.    What I really love about Pita Pit is the quality of their food, that it is healthy, and best of all, you will never spend over $10 eating there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  That is, unless you are paying for more than one person!  The countdown until beach weather begins… let Pita Pit help!  You can also order Pita Pit online on www.BTOWNMENUS.com for delivery and/or takeout!


530 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 355-3500

Cost Friendly: At most a meal will run you $10!

Restaurant Rating:


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