Nick’s English Hut

by BtownMenus on February 22, 2011

A couple of my friends had some buddies visiting from Maryland.  The IU vs Northwestern basketball game was about an hour from tip off, and we were going back and forth between going to Assembly Hall and scalping tickets or just going to a bar to watch it.  I figured we might as well show these guys the best of Bloomington.  As awesome as IU basketball is, this isn’t the year to instill positive memories when you have friends visiting.  We were all starving and felt like a couple beers, and thought that Nick’s English Hut would be a cool spot to show the guys.

I was a bit skeptical as we walked toward Kirkwood, worried that Nick’s would be insanely packed for the game.  We must have caught them at the perfect time, because the 8 of us were seated immediately.  Established way back in 1927, Nick’s English Hut is renown for their drinking game “sink the biz”.  There are only four things that you need to play sink the biz.  At least 2 people, a glass cup, a large metal pail, and a ton of beer.  Start out by filling the pail with a fair amount of beer then place the glass cup inside and let it float. Starting with one person, one by one, each player tries to add as much beer possible in order to screw the next person over. If you sink the biz, you down the full cup. If you don’t, you simply get the gratitude of screwing someone else over.  Whoever sinks the biz must start out on the next round by filling the new glass as much as wanted. If you sink a glass of biz on the first try directly after drinking the previous glass, you then have to down two full glasses immediately.
You give a little and drink a lot and the game goes on as long as two people are present.  We played a few games of sink the biz as we waited for our food.

I knew that Nick’s had a great reputation for sink the biz and a great place to watch IU basketball.  However, not in a million years did I realize that they hands down have the best pizza I have had thus far in my six plus years in Bloomington!  We ordered 2 large pizzas as appetizers for the 8 of us.  (We were starving).  One of the pizzas had sweet peppers, and sausage, and the other had tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.  They both were out of this world, and I will definitely be returning soon for another pizza.

For some reason, we all also ordered entrees.  The beer and pizza filled me up, but I don’t like to leave food on the table.  I ordered a lamb burger and fries, and it was great, I just wish I had the appetite to thoroughly enjoy it.  Although IU lost the game, the service was great, atmosphere can’t be beat, and the food and sink the biz topped off a great day!  We definitely made the right decision in going to Nick’s English Hut, and next time I have a friend in town visiting, Nick’s will be our first stop!


423 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 332-4040

Cost Friendly: We each spent around $20-$25, but it was well worth it.  We also ate alot and played a few games of Sink the Biz.  You can easily get away with spending only $10-$15

Restaurant Rating:


Bar Rating: (Atmosphere, Drink Specials)


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