Dish of the day: Farm’s Luger Burger and garlic fries

by BtownMenus on February 6, 2011

I was starving around 2pm today and after mulling it over for awhile, my buddy and I decided to head over to Farm.  This was only my second time there.  I ordered the Luger Burger medium rare and although it came out more like medium well, it was still a solid meal.  The garlic fries are great.  Make sure to ask for real ketchup, as Farm uses a brand called catsup that smells like chili.  I have heard great things about Farm as a restaurant and will definitely be coming back to try out their diverse menu over the next few weeks.


108 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 323-0002

Cost Friendly: Meals range from $10-$25… you definitely pay for high quality at Farm

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