Video Saloon

by BtownMenus on January 27, 2011

What to do on a random tuesday night at 10pm when you are over 21 and bored?  I decided to venture out to Video Saloon in downtown bloomington, located 105 West 7th Street.  I must have walked by this place at least a thousand times before, but on this night it was finally time to walk in.

What can be better than Darts, pool, and great beer specials?  There were people sporadically coming in and out, it was really laid back.  I felt like a local for the night, and I guess I have been since I’ve been here for over six years now!  My buddy and I shot a few games of pool, split a couple pitchers of Sierra Nevada, watched some girls helplessly try and nail a bullseye with the darts.  After awhile the beer gave us a nice buzz and by around midnight it was time to head home to sleep!  I will definitely start going to Video Saloon more often.  Most of the bars in Bloomington just have beer and liquor, but when you add pool and darts to the equation its a win win!


105 West 7th Street

(812) 333-0064

Cost Friendly: You can get a great buzz going for $10 or less!

Bar Rating: (Atmosphere, drink specials)


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