Moe’s Southwest Grill

by BtownMenus on January 14, 2011

You a fan of cheap, fast, Mexican food that tastes great?  Moe’s Southwest Grill is the only Mexican restaurant in town that actually delivers!  The usual lineup of burritos, tacos, fajitas, nachos, guacamole, you name it, they’ve probably got it.  What I like about Moe’s is that they keep everything simple.  You can scan through the menu within less than a minute and know exactly what you want.  They have a pick 2 deal that is only available when you order online for takeout or delivery on BTOWNMENUS.COM!  Pick any 2 Nachos, Salads, Burritos or Quesadillas, and 2 drinks for only $15!  Sometimes if I am really hungry I will get this entire deal just for myself!  I am just kidding, that would be quite a feat though!  Moe’s is best fit for family style as you will get the most value for your buck ordering with at least one other person.  If you want to plan a catering event, Moe’s is one of the cheapest and easiest restaurants to deal with.  From prepping the set up and food, to making sure every customer is happy.  Hey it’s wintertime; why not warm up with a little Moe’s Southwest grill!

You know you are a Moe’s fanatic if:

You yell “Welcome to Moe’s” along with the crew

You never pay for chips or salsa

You sell your microwave on ebay

There is a four-way tie for the clean plate award

You campaign for Queso to be its own food group

Your Ipod is filled with songs from the dearly departed

You start naming everything you eat after an inside joke


115 South State Road 46

(812) 336 6637

Cost Friendly: Lunch or dinner for less than $10!  Catering is extremely reasonable too!

Restaurant Rating:



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