Greeks Pizzeria

by BtownMenus on January 24, 2011

The establishment is called Greek’s Pizzeria, but they should rename it, Greek’s famous breadsticks.  Open now for almost eight years, Greek’s might be most well known by many for switching locations so many times.  I know them for their famous breadsticks, which owner Kyle Hawkins proudly coins as the best stix in btown!  I would have to agree with him.  They are a pizza place, and their pizzas are gourmet, and sauce is very distinct.  Its a great change of pace from a dominos, or papa johns style pizza.  Greeks has a real local feel to it, and you can smell the dough rising from outside the store front.  Open late night for slices and beers, Greeks is a great hangout place for college kids, and is very family oriented as well.  Friendly service, and a simple and tasty menu, give Greek’s Pizzeria a try in this pizza crazed market!


211 North Walnut Street


Cost Friendly: You will be stuffed for less than $10

Restaurant Rating:


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