Dagwood’s Deli and Sub Shop

by BtownMenus on January 8, 2011

If you are in the mood for sandwiches for delivery or takeout, you can’t go wrong with Dagwood’s Deli and Sub Shop.  Known for their popular saying, “Under 55 billion served”, their sandwiches and subs a real stand out in the Bloomington community.  They have the normal lineup of Italian subs, turkey and cheese, ham, tuna etc.  The Dagwood Supreme is the most popular menu item and for good reason. Roast beef, ham, turkey, provolone and colby cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onions and dagwood’s special sauce.  This sandwich is tough to conquer head on!  My go to is the tuna on a wheat sub roll.  I like it with pickles, oil and vinegar with a pickle spear and BBQ Baked Lays chips.  Try putting your chips in the sandwich, I have been doing it since I was a little kid, and it adds a nice touch and crunch!  The best combination for chips in the sandwich is with tuna, turkey, ham, or Italian!  (nice little inside scoop for everybody haha)

I love the way that Dagwoods has their menu broken down.  Wraps and salads, specialty sandwiches or subs, gourmet sandwiches, and if your feeling a sugar high they have fresh fruit and delicious cookies!  Reasonably priced, and open late, Dagwoods is always consistent and arrives with your food in a timely fashion.  You can order from them online on BTOWNMENUS.COM for delivery and/or takeout and get some really great exclusive specials!


1799 E. 10th Street

(812) 333-3006

Cost Friendly: Lunch or dinner for $10 tops!

Restaurant Rating:


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