Soup’s On

by BtownMenus on December 14, 2010

Who doesn’t like a nice homemade grilled cheese, and soup on a blistery and dreary winter day.  Soup’s On will warm you right up and put a smile on your face.  Everytime I walk in I get a nostalgic feeling from when I was a child and my mother would make me grilled cheese and tomato or corn chowder soup.  I will never tell mom, but Soup’s On has much better sandwiches and soup!  Their menu is simplistic, cheap, and the food is absolutely incredible.  A ma and pa type of feel, Soups On is a great place to grab a quick and comforting lunch.   Their soup selections include Loaded Potato, Chicken Corn Chowder, Italian Sausage, Green Pea Garlic, and Fava Bean Pesto.  My favorite is the chicken corn chowder as it has a perfect combination of chicken, corn, and a little kick at the end.  The broth is not too thick, and goes down easy.  Although called Soup’s On, I really go to this lunch hangout for their sandwiches.  The Mascarpone Grilled Cheese makes me hungry just writing about it.  Mascarpone and American Cream Cheese with scallion and spices is grilled to perfection.  The sandwiches are small so I definitely recommend getting a whole, especially since they are only $4.25 each!  A cup of soup, a sandwich and a water will run you $9 tops!  Beat the winter months with a taste of Soup’s On!


108 South Rogers Street

(812) 331-9930

Cost Friendly: Lunch for under $10 everytime!

Restaurant Rating:



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