Noodles and Company

by BtownMenus on December 2, 2010

I enjoy going on long runs around the gorgeous IU campus.  One common part of my route is running up and down Kirkwood.  After a great cardio workout, what better way to replenish your body than a dish with lots of carbohydrates, such as pasta!  Pasta is one of my favorite things to eat because it tastes great, its relatively healthy for you (Wheat pasta is very healthy), easy to make, and cost efficient!  This is why Noodles and Company is a restaurant that sees a lot of me.  What makes Noodles and Co so great is the culmination of a  simplistic and structured menu, and consistency across the board with their ingredients and cooking styles.

There is nothing worse than going to an Italian restaurant and one night having the best penne vodka in the world, and the next week you back and the penne vodka isn’t even a shell of what it was the week prior.  This is never an issue at Noodles and Company, and you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.  They offer salads, rolls, and potstickers as side options.  The menu is broken down into American, Asian, Mediterranean, which all consist of strictly a variety of noodle dishes.  My favorites are the penne rosa, and the Japanese Pan Noodles.  You have the option to add grilled or parmesan crusted chicken to your dish, or tofu if you don’t eat or like meat.  I have been to Noodles probably dozens of times since it opened a couple years ago, and I don’t think I will ever get sick of it.  Who doesn’t like pasta that is ready 5 minutes after you order?


517 East Kirkwood Avenue
(812) 323-1400

Cost Friendly: Yes, you can get a full dinner for $10

Restaurant Rating: 


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