by BtownMenus on December 18, 2010

Chipotle is a great lunch or dinner meal for any day of the week.  Just make sure you’re hungry because this Mexican counter service establishment gives you a hearty, never disappointing meal.  When my friends and I are out at the bars and one of us forgets money for cover, we always offer whoever has cash Chipotle as a form of payback.  No one ever forgets to claim their payment the next day around 2:00pm when we all head to Kirkwood for a late lunch.  for a first timer, I would recommend a burrito.  My personal favorite is steak, rice, black beans, corn, and sour cream.  You gotta have the sour cream with the steak.  Other meats they offer include chicken, carnitas (pulled pork), barbacoa, steak, or vegetarian options include a fajita burrito, which is a mix of onions and peppers. Aside from their bomb burritos, they have salads, hard or soft shell tacos, or a burrito bowl, which is the burrito minus the tortilla.  Their cilantro lime rice is fire and serves up as a savory base for most of their dishes.  As a side, I highly recommend their chips, coated with salt and lime juice, with guacamole or salsa verde.  Some of my friends created their own trend of ordering a burrito bowl and a side of toritilla and making mini burritos for themselves at the table.  Whether you dine in, sit outside on Kirkwood to enjoy your food, or order a burrito to go, you will always be satisfied by this chain of Americanized Mexican cuisine.  For a meal under $10, you’ll have a food coma that lasts till pregame.

TIP:  If you don’t like spicy foods, opt out of the salsa and add sour cream, it cools down any burrito.  If you do like spicy-ness, you can add up to four different kinds of salsas to your meal.


420 E. Kirkwood Avenue
(812) 330-1435

Cost Friendly: Lunch or dinner for under $10 everytime!

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