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I had never heard of Amol until last spring when one of my friends was raving about how authentic and fresh their food was. (Used to be Bombay House, under new ownership now) Being the passionate foodie that I am, I ventured out to 416 East 4th Street to taste the Indian cuisine myself.  Indian has been one of my favorite types of ethnic food for years.  I love bread, and the NAAN is buttered and baked.  I literally had a dream about Amol’s Naan bread the night after eating it.  I might be exaggerating a bit, but its great.    They have great chicken dishes, and my go to is the Chicken Tikka Masala.  Clay pot-roasted soft chunks of chicken cooked in tangy creamy tomato sauce, you can get it at any spice level from 1-5.  It’s served hot and fresh to order!  The Chicken Vindaloo is also a great selection which comes with potato cubes and chicken in hot and spicy sauce.

If you are a vegetarian you can’t go wrong with the vegetable samosa to start off.  A deep fried crisp pastry with potatoes and green peas, this appetizer might fill you up by itself!  The Aloo Saag as an entrée is a safe bet if you are a potato and spinach type of person.  Overall, I have now been to Amol at least 4-5 times, and there is very little to complain about.  The food is great, the service is efficient, and the dinner prices might be a bit steep for somebody on a tight budget, but they have great lunch buffet deals that you should definitely take advantage of!  I will be sure to go back to AMOL INDIA very soon!  AMOL INDIA is also available online to order delivery and/or takeout on BTOWNMENUS.COM!  They will be offering exclusive deals on the site throughout the year!


416 East 4th Street

(812) 331-8844

Cost Friendly: Lunch Buffet is a great deal and can range anywhere from $5-$10.  Dinner ranges from $10-$20

Restaurant Rating: 


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