Opie Taylor’s

by BtownMenus on November 9, 2010

So, it’s tuesday, you’ve had a dreadful day of school and the weekend is too far away to fathom.  What is there to look foward to? Eating of course, and when its time for dinner, Opie Taylor’s makes a lot of sense.  Personally I get the Three Cheese Cheeseburger, switching my three different cheeses each time to get a new melted combo of tastes. I’d say nine times out of ten, the burger patty is larger than the bun. Awesome Burger. Next, are the fries, the crunchy warm steak fries. Delicious. Fries are fries, but when you get them from Opie’s, they are above par. Lastly, the mozzarella sticks! These are by far, the best mozzarella sticks in Bloomington, hands down! And you get these free when you order online for delivery on BTOWNMENUS.COM! With sides of marinara and ranch, these complementary fried cheese sticks are an amazing crispy addition that will put your meal and taste buds over the top!

If you are a sports fanatic this also the place for you!  The walls are decked out in all different types of sports memorabilia ranging from signed posters, to flags, and jerseys.  High school, college, and pro sports, you name it!  The owner, Eric, is a diehard Packers fan, so stay away Bears fans haha.  In all seriousness though, great burgers, hot dogs, fries, mozzarella sticks, the list goes on… You can’t go wrong with Opie Taylor’s.  The service is fast, and the servers always have smiles on their faces.  I feel like I am home when I’m at Opies.

Opie Taylor’s

110 North Walnut Street

Cost Friendly? You will be fed and stuffed for anywhere from $7-$12

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