Dagwood’s Deli & Sub Shop

by BtownMenus on January 9, 2013

The Dagwood Supreme.

After working a little late tonight, I didn’t want to fix anything for dinner once I got home; I was hungry by the time I walked through the door. Subs and sandwiches are fast to make and fast to have delivered, so I decided to order from Dagwood’s Deli & Sub Shop from BtownMenus.com. It’s been a long time since I have eaten there, but I know how well they load up their subs and it’s a really good value compared to some competitors.

When my food was delivered, I opened the bag and I could immediately smell the fresh, French bread that holds this mountain of a sub together. The Dagwood Supreme is classic. It starts with thick layers of roast beef, turkey and ham topped with provolone and Colby cheeses; covered by lettuce and tomatoes, and is topped with Dagwood’s Special Sauce. I couldn’t eat the entire sub and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow.

Dag’s offers an assortment of gourmet subs, sandwiches and wraps and creates combos of half-sizes and light salads as well. If you are really particular, you can customize your subs, wraps, and sammies and load up on your favorite fixings. Their house-crafted specialties like the Chicken Parmesan, Italian Sub, Hot Steak & Cheese, Pulled Pork BBQ and The Brunner Hummus Wrap seem appealing enough to for me to put on my list to try. But of course, The Dagwood Supreme is a good fallback.

They also have Chicago-style hot dogs, slim baguettes, vegetarian options and sides like pickles, potato salad and macaroni salad. Then, there are those extra treats of cookies and chips.

Currently, BtownMenus offers a deal where you can buy two combos for $11. That gets you two sandwiches or ½ subs, any two sides and two fountain drinks.

The deli’s delivered with BtownMenus.


Dagwood’s Deli & Sub Shop

116 1/2 S. Indiana Ave.

Bloomington, IN 47408

(812) 333-3000

Cost Friendly: $5-15 per person

Restaurant Rating:


-Haley Brown


by BtownMenus on November 15, 2012

Crab wontons, garlic chicken and rice at Alchemy.


The night seemed a lot later, but it was only starting to hit 7:00 p.m. The darkness fell sooner than it had fallen before; it was the Monday after Daylight Savings Time.

My stomach growled during the day and I anticipated going out to dinner later. Half of the anticipation stemmed from being able to go out to dinner with my friend. It was a friend I haven’t seen in too long of a time and we really needed to catch up with one another. I picked her up and we went downtown to eat. She’s similar to me in that she also likes to try new places she hasn’t eaten at yet, whether it’s full of Bloomington tradition or it’s a newly-established restaurant.

The entrance to Alchemy.

Table setting.

We opened the doors of the building on the southeast corner of North Walnut and Seventh streets, and walked into Alchemy. It’s a newer Chinese restaurant, and we hadn’t heard many reviews of it because people barely know it exists. The lights were dim; the bar and dining room tables were empty. We questioned whether they were open for the night’s business. The tables were dressed and a waiter seated us. With linens on our table and on our laps, we ordered and got to talking. On occasion, customers meandered in and out of the restaurant with takeout orders.

Seventh Street side of Alchemy.

I asked our waiter, “Is it always this empty in here?” He explained how it’s not empty on weekends, but sometimes during the week it is. He mentioned that during the week the dining room gets randomly busy, but the fax machine never stops for takeout.

BtownMenus.com had a special deal for Alchemy during that week: “Buy One Get One Free Entrees.” That particular week was part of BtownMenu’s Eat Cheap Week, a week (or sometimes two) when restaurants offer featured specials with discounted prices for delivery or takeout. Another great deal that Alchemy has on BtownMenus right now is $3 off any entree, so ordering from Alchemy on BtownMenus.com is well worth it.

Our meals arrived at our table and we had plates of crab wontons, sesame chicken and garlic chicken. We split the entrees and enjoyed everything, and still had leftovers. By 8:00 p.m., a couple groups of people trickled in for dinner. Finally, the waiter was busier as we prepared to end our evening.



254 North Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47404

(812) 333-5656

Cost Friendly: $10-20 per person

Restaurant Rating:


-Haley Brown

Azteca Market

by BtownMenus on October 8, 2012

Steak Taco.

Azteca Market menu

Mexican restaurants have a casual, relaxed vibe about them and are perfect to go to with your friends. Because there are a lot of these restaurants in Bloomington, I have my preferences for good ones and not-so-good ones. I heard about this little hole-in-the-wall by 10thand the Bypass that is half restaurant and half market, similar to the International Market on Fourth Street but instead it is the Azteca Market and it used to be the Olive Market. With or without all the nearby construction, you can easily bypass this strip mall if you’re not looking at what is offered within.

Salsa Verde.

A friend and I walked in one night last week. The fluorescent bulbs in the front were bright but the back of the store was dark, and we may not have known it was open if it weren’t for the neon “Open” sign in the store window. We sat down at a booth across from the television which was airing a soccer game that the employees were really getting into. Like other restaurants, we were given chips and salsa but this time it was salsa verde, and it was pretty spicy but still had a good flavor. The heat builds over time but we couldn’t stop eating it throughout the meal.

What I’ve heard about this place is that they have delicious tacos and tamales, and it’s true. We each ordered a chicken tamale and layered it with our salsa verde. I also tried a steak taco, (because they were out of chorizo) and I really loved that it had cilantro and lime. I ordered the arroz con pollo, which I enjoy eating even without the tortillas. My friend ordered the nachos supremos with chicken, beef and the usual toppings of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

Arroz con Pollo.

Nachos Supremos.

Another great aspect is that the prices are cheaper than the usual places, so it’s very affordable yet it’s still delicious. Our bill was about $22 but plates were covering the table. They currently don’t have delivery but offer take out, and I hope to see them offered on BtownMenus.com very soon. I’ll be ordering more tacos and enchiladas next time.


Azteca Market  

2610 E. 10th St.

Bloomington, IN 47408

(812) 332-1770

Cost Friendly: $5-15 per person

Restaurant Rating:



-Haley Brown


by BtownMenus on September 18, 2012

Cream and Crimson burger

Last week was Eat Cheap Week where a lot of restaurants offered great deals through BtownMenus so you can indulge in a lot of food, for cheap. On Friday, I chose to order from CHOMP, which I haven’t tried before. I had my friend come over that night and we were starved, so we completely scarfed down the food quickly but it was delicious.

CHOMP offered 2 burgers or chicken sandwiches, 2 drinks and an appetizer for about $15. What is great about CHOMP is that they use local farms for their meat, with their beef and pork coming from Fischer Farms and their poultry from Miller Farms. From that, they’ve crafted a menu with a wide variety of options. And if you’re getting together with friends, you could get other good carryout or delivery deals from BtownMenus like 4 burgers or chicken sandwiches for $24.

The Whole Farm Burger

What I ordered from CHOMP was The Whole Farm burger complete with a fried egg, cheddar cheese and bacon and topped with a pretzel roll bun. My friend ordered the Cream and Crimson burger which includes garlic, parmesan, sautéed red pepper, chipotle mayonnaise and mozzarella underneath a hamburger bun. We split an order of hand-dipped fried pickles and each had Pepsis. With the burgers and sandwiches you can order different kinds of rolls or buns, and add on toppings as well. Even the fries have a variety of seasonings.

Fried Pickles with ranch

I thought CHOMP was a good mix of using their menu specialties and customizing your meal to your taste; the choices weren’t overwhelming.


208 South Dunn Street

Bloomington, IN 47408

(812) 337-FOOD

Cost Friendly: $6-15 per person

Restaurant Rating:


-Haley Brown☆



by BtownMenus on September 2, 2012

Hi I’m Haley, and welcome to Bite into Btown, a blog I will be contributing to for BtownMenus.com.

It was a rainy day today so I decided to stay in my apartment and order delivery. After looking at all the restaurant choices on BtownMenus, I decided on the Burmese, Asian-fusion restaurant, Mandalay. I had just sampled their food for the first time at the “Flavors of Fourth Street” festival the weekend before and wanted to try it again.

Clear rolls with chicken and vegetables.

I often order spring rolls at restaurants but this time I chose Mandalay’s clear rolls with chicken and vegetables that came in an order of six. The tapioca paper it’s wrapped in isn’t fried and instead has a leaf of lettuce wrapped under it with chicken and vegetables like cabbage and carrots tucked inside. It’s good on its own, has a lot of flavors and textures, but the sweet chili sauce on the side makes a great pairing with it.

Coconut rice with chicken curry.

I also had their specialty, coconut rice with chicken curry. They come separate when it’s delivered so I mixed them together. I tried the rice beforehand and it was sweeter than what I was used to because of the coconut, but I liked it. The spices and rice kept the dish feeling warm and hearty and after eating four clear rolls, it only took half of a bowl to fill me up. The meal ended sweetly with dulce de leche and butterscotch Dum Dums® lollipops that came in the delivery bag, and I’m saving the rest of my dinner for tomorrow’s lunch.

Next time I eat at Mandalay, I’d like to try their pho noodle soup or teriyaki chicken.



413 E. 4th Street

Bloomington, IN 47408

(812) 339-7334

Cost Friendly: $10-15 per person

Restaurant Rating:



Angel B’s Galleria of Cakes

by BtownMenus on November 10, 2011

This place is delightful; it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from campus. Okay, it may not be on the beaten path but it’s well worth the trip! Not only to they offer delicious and intricately decorated cakes but they also offer little treats like cupcakes! In the past i’ve only been to Angel B’s for birthday cakes and special occasions but on my last trip I noticed they had quite the assortment of cupcakes! I’ve come to findout they even have a cupcake schedule! As Following:

Monday:  Pistachio w/White Chocolate Butter Cream

Tuesday:  Snowball (Coconut cupcake w/toasted coconut on white butter cream)

Wednesday: Chocolate Truffle (Chocolate filled with ganache, iced with ganache)

Thursday:  Lemon Raspberry

Friday:  Hazelnut w/White Chocolate Butter Cream

Saturday:  Creme Caramel w/Caramel Butter Cream

Everyday they have on hand vanilla, chocolate, red velvet cupcakes. I choose Red velvet and I was not disappointed! I can wait to go back and try the Chocolate Truffle, looks like you know where to find me this Wednesday!

Angel B’s: A Galleria of Cakes

407 West Patterson Dr.

812-332-2537 or 1-888-459-CAKE

Cost Friendly: $1.75 each or $18 per dozen

Restaurant Rating



by BtownMenus on October 24, 2011

If you’re looking to share freshly baked cookies with friends, BAKED is your kind of place!  A wise man once told me “you will always be welcome if you bring cookies,” okay yeah…no wise man has ever said that to me but it’s still true! This week I stocked up on Baked cookies for a meeting of about 30 people and they were very well received! We had an assortment of Chocolate Chip, M&M, and Double Chocolate Chip.  They all looked really great so I had to try one of each!  My favorite was the good old Chocolate Chip!  I heard rumors of a pumpkin cookie while I was in, I’m pumped to go back and try it!  Baked is open ridiculously convenient hours and delivers all of your late night cookie needs!


313 E. 3rd Street 


Cost Friendly: Very cost friendly…get stuffed for under $5 everytime!

Restaurant Rating


Pita Pit

by BtownMenus on October 7, 2011

I had a last minute meeting to cater for 20 and I need something simple and hassle free. Often I find it difficult to find a fulfilling meal that can satisfy everyone’s particular tastes. The “Super Platter” from Pita Pit was a lifesaver; it was a sampling of everything! In the mix we had my favorites the Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Caesar, The Club, Chicken Crave, Turkey, Falafel, and The Hummus Pita’s. The reason Pita Pit was so clutch is because the meeting consisted of potential club members and I wanted to impress a divers group of people on a college budget. Needless to say the Pita’s were a huge hit! I would highly suggest Pita Pita for future gathers.  You can order Pita Pit online for delivery and/or takeout on btownmenus.com!

Pita Pit

530 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 355-3500

Cost Friendly: Very cost friendly $5-$10!

Restaurant Rating


Fourth Street International Market

by BtownMenus on September 29, 2011

I was strolling down fourth street to scout out the best place for dinner. I knew I wanted something ethnic, but I wasn’t certain where that would take me! I saw a few people eating outside on the patio of the Fourth Street International Market. It looked inviting and I went in to check it out! At first the market looks like just a small grocery store, but to my surprise it is also a restaurant. Little did I know, they have some of the best gyros in town! I ordered the spicy Lamb and Beef Gyro. The gyro consisted of a sandwich like meal, made with slices of spiced meat cooked on a spit and served with salad in pita bread. I washed down the gyro with a limonata sanpellegrino and ordered some Lays potato chip on the side. All together my dinner was under six dollars! I find this incredibly reasonable; I don’t know many places where you can find a fresh, fulfilling meal at that price.

The fact that this venue is also a grocery store allows for a large assortment of drinks, snacks and dessert options. Also, I heard they have amazing falafels and are one of the only places in town that carry coca cola in a glass bottle! I am absolutely coming back for round two and going to try their falafels. For an unusual assortment, at an affordable price think Forth Street International Market for your next fresh!  You can order Fourth Street International Market for delivery and/or takeout on Btownmenus.com, they have some amazing deals on there


Fourth Street International Market

408 East 4th Street

Bloomington, IN 47408-4000

(812) 333-1396


Cost Friendly: You can get filled up for $5-$6!

Restaurant Rating



Written by Emily Colman

Laughing Planet Cafe

by BtownMenus on September 10, 2011

In-between classes I ventured down to the Laughing Planet Café to grab something quick to nosh on! I wanted a healthy lunch with organic and locally produced ingredients and I only had a half-hour to kill, so I needed it to go! I ordered the Chicken Burrito with pinto beans and then I was on my way!  The Laughing Planet is the perfect choice for healthy, fresh, and affordable food. Whether I am on the run or dinning with friends outside on the sun deck, it always feels good to know I am supporting a local Bloomington business. The restaurant has a very funky downtown Bloomington vibe; you will have to check it out! The atmosphere is always friendly and I honestly have never eaten there without seeing a familiar face.


You can’t go wrong with any of their Burritos or Quesadillas. Another favorite is the Chicken Quesadilla with broiled chicken, jack cheese, and salsa fresca with a glass of their fresh papaya juice! This last trip to the Planet I found out they are apart of the btownmenus.com family, next time I will definitely be having them deliver to me!

Laughing Planet Cafe

322 East Kirkwood Avenue

(812) 323-2233

Cost Friendly: You will spend anywhere from $5-$10

Restaurant Rating